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Register to be a UN Volunteer
National UNV volunteer Maïmounata Ouedraogo rides across Burkina Faso by motorbike with the National Volunteer Programme. (K. Gosse/UNV)
Every year, about 7,500 qualified and experienced women and men of around 160 nationalities serve as UN Volunteers in some 130 countries. They are professionals who play key roles contributing to peace and making an impact on development results.

UNV recruits a great diversity of talents and offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to look at both focus areas:

-Development Assistance
-Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations 

Be aware that many UN Volunteers work in remote, isolated duty stations where basic comforts are limited. There may be no electricity or running water, there may be no recreation facilities to speak of and work may continue seven days a week.

Though UNV assignments can be very rewarding, applicants thus need to be prepared to be deployed to difficult places and they need to be able to adjust to fast-changing living and working circumstances. They need to be aware that they may not have a choice regarding their duty station (it is determined by operational requirements, not personal preferences); and that their final duty station may only be known after they have been recruited and have arrived on the ground.

To fully understand what is required of an international UN Volunteer, we strongly encourage you to read the qualifications and Conditions of Service page

If you have read the FAQs and are ready to register, proceed to create your UNV account. If you already have an account in the UNV database, we invite you to visit MyProfile.

United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme which welcomes applications from qualified professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture.

UNDP and UNV, as a matter of practice, do not charge any application, processing or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions as to UN Volunteer opportunities you may have received, please refer to this website.

UNDP and UNV are currently aware of fictitious vacancy or training announcements that are being circulated through the Internet which ask you to remit a fee before you can be given a UNV position or a UN Volunteer assignment. There have also been fraudulent promises of a UN Volunteer assignment after taking some specific training courses. If you believe that you have received such a notice, please forward it, and any other related information you have received, to scamalert((at))undp((dot))org.

Since logos, emblems, names and addresses can be easily copied or reproduced, you are advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against the unauthorised use of any personal information you may have provided as a result of the scam.

UNV is administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)