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Through volunteerism and volunteer action, UNV works for peace and development around the world. Here are some examples of how we do it.
Sports to fight child obesity in Trinidad and Tobago
19 August 2016
International UN Volunteer Dr Samwarite Gebremariam (Eritrea) supports the implementation of an initiative to reduce obesity in Trinidad and Tobago at Roy Joseph Health Centre (UNV, 2016)
Trinidad and Tobago:

Childhood obesity is a growing concern for children worldwide, but in Trinidad and Tobago the statistics are so alarming that some are calling it an epidemic that requires the full support of schools, communities, families and the children themselves to tackle it. Read

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Countries:  Trinidad and Tobago
Partnership with Yamaha Motor: First partnership for private sector in Japan
09 August 2016
UNV Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus (right) and Mr. Atsuhiko Okano, General Manager, Human Resources Division & Global Human Resources Development Division, Human Resources & General Affairs Center, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. sign the partnership agreement between UNV and Yamaha Motor Company. (UNV Tokyo Liaison Office, 2016)
Tokyo, Japan: On 28 June 2016, UNV concluded a partnership agreement with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., marking the first partnership in Japan between UNV and a private sector company. Mr. Kenji Mori, an energy expert from Yamaha Motor, will be fielded for one year in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) India Office to support Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) improvement projects through the use of renewable energy over a longer period and make lasting contributions. Read
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Countries:  Japan
Save the Date: 2016 IVCO conference hosted by UNV, GIZ, and Forum
03 August 2016
Bonn, Germany: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), both members of the "Forum for Volunteering in Development" (Forum), will jointly host the 2016 International Volunteering Cooperation Organizations (IVCO 2016) conference in Bonn. You can find more information on the purpose and goals of IVCO 2016, as well as guidance on how to participate, here.

About 200 participants are expected to join the three-day event will take place from October 9-12th and focus on the theme Increasing Resilience of Communities Through Volunteering
. Read
“Making the world a better place” to celebrate Mandela Day in Sudan
22 July 2016
UN Volunteers participated alongside MTN Sudan Telco volunteers and community volunteers in an activity to establish a “Nelson Mandela” recreation area in a Khartoum Children's Hospital. (UNV, 2016)
Khartoum, Sudan:
“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”. Building on these words by Nelson Mandela, UN Volunteers celebrated Mandela Day 2016 in Sudan by trying to improve life for kids in the Jaffar Ebn Aouf Pediatric Hospital in Khartoum.
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Countries:  Sudan
Supporting ethnic cohesion and social well-being in Kosovo
19 July 2016
Kosovo: A UNV-supported initiative in 2015 empowered young men and women from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in Kosovo to start their own social entrepreneurship initiatives and advocate for community needs as “Changemakers”.  Read
Safety of UN Volunteers in South Sudan amidst fighting
18 July 2016
Bonn, Germany:
Between Friday 8 July and Sunday 10 July, heavy fighting broke out in Juba which had consequences for the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the Agencies, Funds and Programmes active in the country. 

A ceasefire was declared on Monday 11 July 2016. At least 272 people have been killed in the recent violence. Two peacekeepers and one United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) staff lost their lives while several other peacekeepers have sustained injuries.

UNV launches revamped Online Volunteering service
15 July 2016
Bonn, Germany:

On 15 July, UNV will be launching its new Online Volunteering service from Brazil and in collaboration with the United Nations country team and the Samsung Latin American Office.

Brazil has been selected as the location for the global launch as the country ranks #4 worldwide for the number of UN Online Volunteers and has a high potential for growth in online volunteering activities in general.

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UNV Honorary Ambassador Mr. Takehito Nakata (in memoriam)
12 July 2016

UNV Honorary Ambassador (retired) Mr Takehito Nakata passed away peacefully on 23 May 2016, in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. He was 78 years old. UNV recognizes and appreciates the lasting legacy, dedicated efforts and sacrifices of Mr Nakata and his son Atsuhito. May they both rest in peace. Read

Brazilian Corporate Volunteer Council signs an innovative partnership with UNV
12 July 2016
Signatories of the partnership between UNV and the Brazilian Corporate Volunteer Council (from left to right): Bruno Lopes, representative of CIEDS; Maria Dolores Galán, UNV Programme Officer in Brazil; Leonardo Mandu, representative of Atento Brasil; Lilian Paparella, representative of Itaipu Binacional; and Claudio Viveiros, representative of Wilson Sons. (UNV, 2016)
Brazil: The Brazilian Corporate Volunteer Council (CBVE) signed an innovative partnership with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Brazil, with the objective to mobilize the private sector and its resources to go beyond corporate volunteering. It will seek volunteer support to United Nations projects, aim to develop knowledge, monitor social investment by companies that encourage mobilization into civil society volunteer programmes, and monitor the contribution of volunteerism to the achievement of the SDGs. Read
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Countries:  Brazil
UN Volunteers bring hope to refugees in Uganda
05 July 2016
National UNV WASH Assistant Arnold Kasoba Kifufu (right) tests a newly drilled bore hole to serve South Sudanese refugees in the Adjumani Refugee settlement in Uganda. Photo: Lucy Beck (UK), UNV External Relations Officer (UNHCR), 2014.
Kampala, Uganda: More than 20 national and international United Nations Volunteers are assigned to UNHCR in Uganda assigned where they carry out assignments addressing the agency's core business of providing protection, assistance and finding durable solutions for refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), stateless people and those displaced by natural disasters. The latest UNV Uganda newsletter offers a snapshot of their work. Read
Countries:  Uganda

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