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Through volunteerism and volunteer action, UNV works for peace and development around the world. Here are some examples of how we do it.
UNV Innovation Space: Co-creating volunteering solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals
10 February 2016
UNV brought together 13 partners from the private sector, governments and other UN agencies in an Innovation Space workshop that was held on 2-3 February 2016.
UNV brought together 13 partners from the private sector, governments and other UN agencies such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNFPA and UNFCCC in an Innovation Space workshop that was held on 2-3 February 2016. Read
UNV Peru promotes volunteerism for sustainable development
29 January 2016
Peru: The 2030 Agenda highlights that, even though Governments have the primary responsibility, the engagement and action of different groups is necessary to achieve the Goals through “revitalized partnerships” and collective actions. To promote this, at the end of 2015 UNV Peru organized workshops in five Peruvian regions to raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda and the SGDs to 232 representatives and trainers coming from 141 different volunteer entities. The workshops demonstrated that the SDGs are integrated and indivisible and offered insights into the value of adopting inter-sectoral responses to development challenges.  Read
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Celebrating volunteerism around the world in 2015
17 December 2015
In Togo, over 2,500 people participated in a clean up campaign initiated by UNV Togo and the National Volunteering Agency (UNV Togo, 2015)
The International Volunteer Day (IVD) was marked with a series of special events around the world that culminated in celebrations on 5 December 2015. This year’s theme focused on the role that volunteerism can play in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Read
UNV and GIZ will host the 2016 IVCO conference in Bonn
14 December 2015
Bonn, Germany: The United Nations Volunteers programme and the German Agency for Internatioanl Cooperation (GIZ), both members of the "Forum for Volunteering in Development" (Forum), will jointly host the 2016 annual International Volunteering Cooperation Organizations (IVCO) conference in Bonn. Read
UNV honours outstanding Online Volunteering teams
04 December 2015
Bonn, Germany: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme announced this week the five winners of the “UNV Online Volunteering Award 2015” and launched a global voting campaign for the public’s favourite winner. In the lead up to International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5 December, UNV invites citizens worldwide to be inspired by the winners’ stories and participate in the global voting for their favourite winner on onlinevolunteering.org. The public's favourite will be announced on IVD. Through the UNV Online Volunteering service, UNV mobilizes every year more than 11,000 UN Online Volunteers who undertake more than 17,000 online volunteering assignments. 60 percent of UN Online Volunteers come from the global South. Read
International Volunteer Day 2015
03 December 2015
Bonn, Germany: IVD 2015, “Your world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!” starts a dialogue about how volunteerism is vital to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are challenging everyone to think about how they can make a difference in implementing the 2030 Agenda. On IVD 2015, we celebrate volunteers everywhere who are already making a difference in a changing world, showing the power of volunteerism to move towards sustainable development. Read
UN General Assembly adopts Resolution on volunteerism in the 2030 Agenda
26 November 2015
New York, USA: UN Resolution “Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the plan of action for the next decade and beyond”, adopted by consensus by the UN General Assembly during its seventieth session, recognizes that volunteerism can be a powerful means of implementation for the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. The General Assembly also acknowledges the Plan of Action 2016-2030 for integrating volunteering in peace and development, calling upon Member States, UN and a wide range of stakeholders to support and resource it, and recognizes UNV as the appropriate UN entity to support its implementation. Read
UNV and Germany strengthen their partnership
20 November 2015
UNV Executive Coordinator, Richard Dictus (right), and the Head of the UN Division from BMZ, Simon Koppers, sign a cost sharing agreement to support a global multi-stakeholder partnership for Online Volunteering. (UNV, 2015)
Bonn, Germany: United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme Executive Coordinator, Richard Dictus, and the Head of the UN Division from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Simon Koppers, engaged in a strategic partner dialogue, with the aim of strengthening collaboration and exploring further partnering opportunities, in particular in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read
A call for action on volunteerism in Kenya
19 November 2015
Tapiwa Kamuruko, UNV Regional Manager for Africa, delivers a speech on behalf of the UN Resident Coordinator at the inaugural CEO’s roundtable on national volunteerism. (UNV, 2015)
Kenya: The "CEOs’ roundtable on national volunteerism", which was held on 22 October 2015 in Kenya, was a milestone for the national volunteer community in the country, as it concluded with a call for the speedy adoption of the National Volunteer Policy and an appeal to put in place a framework for promoting volunteerism in the country. The National Volunteer Policy has been developed with significant support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, and can also help raise the profile of volunteers in the country. Read
International volunteering conference taps South-South volunteering potential
09 November 2015
UNV Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus speaking with China Volunteerism Federation Founding Chairman, Mr Qi Liu about the importance of the spirit of volunteerism in China. (UNV, 2015)
Beijing, China: The United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme and the Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF) co-hosted the first International Volunteer Service Exchange Conference on 12-13 October, in Beijing, China.The conference focussed on the role of volunteering as a driving force to support international and South - South Cooperation in the context of the new post-2015 sustainable development agenda. Read
Countries:  China

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