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Through volunteerism and volunteer action, UNV works for peace and development around the world. Here are some examples of how we do it.
UNV brokers collaboration between the UN and the private sector on corporate volunteering
16 December 2014
Mr Richard Dictus, UNV's Executive Coordinator, gives his opening statement at the UNV event on International Volunteer Day 2014 at UN Headquarters, Trusteeship Council Chamber (UNV/Joel Sheakoski, 2014)
New York, USA: On International Volunteer Day 2014, UNV gathered stakeholders from the private sector and UN officials to launch the commitment of IMPACT 2030 in supporting the implementation of the post-2015 agenda through corporate volunteering. IMPACT 2030 is a global coalition of private sector leaders and other stakeholders aiming to expand and encourage corporate and employee volunteering activities to help achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Read
UN Volunteers ride the bus against gender based violence in Bangladesh
15 December 2014
UN Volunteers in Bangladesh rode city buses in Dhaka, distributed flyers and engaged the pubic to focus on gender and transportation as their contribution to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence 2014 campaign. (Miriam Ebner/UNV Bangladesh Field Unit, 2014)
Dhaka, Bangladesh: To focus on gender and transportation, an issued often raised in discussions with Bangladeshi citizens, UN Volunteers in Dhaka joined the 16 Days Against Gender Based Violence 2014 campaign by riding city buses, distributing flyers and engaging with the public.   Read
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UNV announces new Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers
10 December 2014
UNV Executive Director Richard Dictus summarizes the major policy changes contained in the new Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers (ICOS) in a video message sent to all personnel. The new ICOS take effect on 1 March 2015. (UNV, 2014)
Bonn, Germany: In a video message to all personnel, United Nations Volunteers Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus has announced new Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers. The message, part UNV's information campaign to notify UN partners and UN Volunteers of major policy changes that will take effect as of 1 March 2015, highlights changes particularly relevant to current and prospective UN Volunteers. Read
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Developing youth capacity on participatory citizenship and human rights
10 December 2014
Capacity-building session on human rights at the Riui Barcelo da Cunha High School in Bissau. (UNV, 2014)
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau: After the military coup of April 2012, all the socio-economic indicators of Guinea Bissau experienced a setback. Strikes in crucial sectors such as education, health care and transportation paralyzed the country. During the annual retreat of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Guinea Bissau in May 2013, UN Volunteers decided to plan some activities to contribute - through volunteerism - to the improvement of the situation in the country, weakened by yet another disruption to the democratic cycle. Read
UNV partners with WFP on food distribution to Ebola-affected communities in Freetown
09 December 2014
Youth volunteers, mobilized by UNV, off load food items during a WFP food distribution to Ebola-affected communities in Freetown, Sierra Leone. (UNV Sierra Leone Field Unit, 2014)
Freetown, Sierra Leone: With on-going efforts to mitigate the spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, UNV is strategically partnering with United Nations entities in the country to mobilize volunteers to assist and facilitate the process.  In collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) and with the support of WFP Country Director Gon Myers, this was a unique opportunity for UNV to engage local youth volunteers. Read
Richard Dictus celebrates International Volunteer Day 2014 in Goma
05 December 2014
Richard Dictus, UNV Executive Coordinator, on visit in Goma, meeting MONUSCO UN Volunteers at the occasion of the International Volunteers Day, (UNV programme, 2014)
Goma, DRC: This year for IVD, United Nations Volunteers Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus went to Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where he celebrated the day with UN Volunteers and volunteers from 18 other associations who are members of the Goma Volunteers Platform. Read
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International Volunteer Day 2014: Make change happen, volunteer!
04 December 2014
Bonn, Germany: On 5 December we celebrate International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2014 - Make change happen, volunteer! This year, on this very special day, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme not only celebrates and recognizes volunteerism in all its facets, but pays special tribute to the participation of people in making change at all levels – locally, nationally and globally. For IVD 2014, please join us in acknowledging and enhancing people’s participation, engagement and voice, in shaping and implementing development policies and the world we want. Read
Volunteerism prominently featured in UN Secretary-General’s Report on post-2015 agenda
04 December 2014
The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presents his synthesis report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda at the informal plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly (UN, 2014)
New York, USA: In its synthesis report on the post-2015 development agenda, the UN Secretary-General acknowledges and recognizes the contribution of volunteers and volunteerism to development, and underlines the role volunteer groups can play in the sustainable development agenda.  This is a remarkable achievement by the global volunteer community as it positions volunteerism in the ongoing debate on the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read
UNV supports UN system response to Ebola
03 December 2014
As part of the Ebola response personnel, UNV PO Isaih Akum and national UNV Peace and Development Advisor Ms Saudatua Jah wear protective gear during a food distribution exercise. (UNV Sierra Leone Field Unit, 2014)
Bonn, Germany: UNV, as part of UNDP, is supporting the UN system’s response to the Ebola virus outbreak by providing volunteers to serve with the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), which is coordinating the UN response, by providing volunteers to support UN partners in implementing programmes in response to Ebola, and by mobilizing community volunteers in support of local initiatives. Read
Youth volunteers help organize COP20 to advance to a new climate change protocol
28 November 2014
A team of 10 national UN Volunteers has trained more than 1,200 youth volunteers who will help organize COP20. (UNV, 2014)
Lima, Peru: During the first two weeks of December, the eyes of the world will be on Lima, Peru, in order to follow the COP20, an event of utmost importance in terms of negotiation in order to advance to a new climate change protocol in Paris next year. A team of 10 national UN Volunteers has trained more than 1,200 youth volunteers who will be active during the event, especially in the “Voices for Climate” fair, in which Peru, as host country for COP20, will welcome domestic and foreign visitors. Read
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