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Improving the lives of communities
29 September 2016
Leonid Markaryan (right), UN Volunteer Policy Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Kosovo, meets Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). (UNMIK, 2012)
I came into contact with UNV when I was heading the Victims’ Recovery and Identification Commission. I got the rare opportunity and privilege to work with a team of UN Volunteers. They were helping the aggrieved families to identify and return the remains of their loved ones killed during the conflict. The professionalism and commitment of UN Volunteers, and their desire to help move the mission forward solidified my later decision to join UNV. Read
The meaning of empathy and resilience
21 September 2016
Mauro Puzzo (Italy) is a UN Volunteer Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. (UNV, 2016)
I am Mauro from Italy. After serving as a UN Youth Volunteer in The Gambia last year, I now serve as a UNV Human Rights Officer in South Sudan. My main task is to monitor, investigate, and report on human rights violations in Jonglei State, the biggest region of the country. From our base here, we also take part in overnight Integrated Team (IT) Field Missions. Read
Countries:  South Sudan
Ensuring safety of air operations in South Sudan
25 August 2016
UN Volunteer Khurshid Dilresh (second from left) carries out basic firefighting training for Fire Safety Assistants. (UNV, 2015)
I am working as a UN Volunteer Fire Safety Officer with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. During the civil unrest of 2013, I remained in the mission throughout that period to ensure the safe operation of UNMISS air assets. It was a time when everybody in the mission worked tirelessly to relocate casualties from conflict areas across the country to save human lives. Read
Helping bring hope to people’s lives
24 August 2016
Marco Tesser (left) supports the distribution of fishing utensils to IDPs in Guit county. (UNV, 2015)
A substantial part of work focuses inside the protection of civilians (POC) site of Bentiu, which is the largest site in the country, with over 105,000 internally displaced persons. My job involves helping to provide security within the POC site, particularly to the vulnerable communities of women and girls when they go out of the POC site to collect firewood. Read
Different Needs, Equal Opportunities: Mainstreaming Gender into Humanitarian Actions
18 August 2016
UN Volunteer Nnoko Angela training on Mainstreaming Gender into Humanitarian Action in Niamey, (UNV, Niger 2016)
In my assignment as an international UN Volunteer for the Regional Humanitarian Program for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) for West and Central Africa in Dakar, one of my duty is to make sure that humanitarian actions incorporate issues of gender and diversity. This process aims at ensuring that the needs of women, girls, men and boys of all ages are taken into consideration during Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and the actual execution phase itself. Read
More about: Gender
Countries:  Senegal
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