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  Volunteers' perspectives    
Assisting the island nation in improving the standard of health care delivery
07 April 2015
I have been working as a United Nations Volunteer doctor in Trinidad and Tobago since November, 2014. I am just one amongst the 29 medical UN Volunteers supposed to be assigned to Trinidad and Tobago and our target is to assist the island nation in improving the standard of health care delivery by addressing the current shortage of doctors in the country. This is not my first assignment since I have served as a United Nation Volunteer in the war ravaged of the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the freezing mountains in the fringes of the Kingdom of Lesotho. Read
Being part of a story
06 April 2015
Shahd El-Swerki (left), national UN Volunteer - Communications Assistant at UNDP Gaza, visited the cancer care centre and joined the women from the centre in sewing breast prosthetics which are distributed for free to female cancer patients. (Photo: UNV State of Palestine, 2015)
A number of Palestinian women living with cancer and female survivors of cancer have been volunteering their time to sew low-cost breast prosthetics to be distributed to women for free through the support of the Aid and Hope Programme for Cancer Patient Care. The slogan for the cancer care centre - ‘this life is mine, and I will live it’ – was inspired from the experiences of the Head of the Hope Programme’s Association, Mrs Eman Shenan, who is a survivor of breast cancer. I had the opportunity to work with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme Field Unit in Gaza to organise a ceremony honouring Mrs Shenan and 50 female breast cancer survivors. Read
Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Central Asia
26 March 2015
Project Cycle Management training for staff of the Turkish Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs in Ankara. (Photo: UNV Turkey, 2014)
Coming to Turkey in May 2013 has been literally my first experience as a UN Volunteer. No long preparation time after the final “go!”, just getting everything packed and saying (temporary) goodbyes. My host agency is the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and I work as Forestry Specialist at their Sub-regional Office for Central Asia. My work area consists of seven countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. My assignment has a background: Central Asia is one of the world’s areas with the lowest forest cover. Read
From Japan to the Democratic Republic of Congo
16 March 2015
It was early morning in January 1995, when my house was shaken up and down. It was like a huge giant man grabbed my house and flogged it. I remember I covered my head with my pillow because I thought that the celling would fall down on me. Although it’s been 20 years since the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake in Kobe, I am still traumatized with any up and down shaking. Read
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Volunteering for my country, Philippines
16 March 2015
Alma Sevillano (center) during the CBED training held at Dulag, Leyte, with the Microenterprise Assistance Asset Provision Program (MCAAPP), a livelihood project of UNDP, Philippines. (Photo: UNV Philippines, 2015)
When the typhoon Haiyan, also known in the Philippines as typhoon Yolanda, hit the country two years ago, a lot of families were affected, many lost their loved ones. Some of them lost everything. For instance, me. My house was destroyed and I lost my husband. But I survived. It was very hard to start a new life again, but we never lost hope. With the help of the United Nations Development Programme, and other international organizations, we started to work on the recovery again. Read

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What does it mean to be a volunteer? Volunteers talk about their work in their own words, and celebrate those moments that show the spirit of volunteerism.
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